(Ed. note: Although we have no owner info other than "Mike", we thought this project would be of interest to live-aboards so we included it.)

Mike, (Boat Name ?), #?

For several years I have wanted to cut a hole for a 5,000 btu window A/C unit but always was deterred. Last year I did it anyway. The hole is in the bridge deck. The A/C recesses in it fine and actually is unobtrusive.

I once saw such an arrangement with a nice teak board on top and it looked much like a nice teak box. I haven't bothered covering ours. The A/C performs fine and at $180 as opposed to over a $1,000 for marine A/C, I am pleased. And we don't have to climb over it as we did when I sat it in the companionway.

From the inside of the boat it looks built in. From the outside not bad at all. The condensate drains out through the cockpit drains. Neat. Totally satisfied. But it takes courage to make the first cut!

The hole is in the upright portion only. The bridge deck itself is not affected. There is enough room to make the cut an inch above the cockpit sole and end 3 or 4 inches below the top of the bridge deck. Structurally no problem.