Headliner Improvement Ted Anderson, #75, Gypsy My boat does not have a headliner. A few years ago I re-surfaced the main cabin by sanding off most of the old pain and smearing successive layers of epoxy resin and epoxy. I finished it off by adding another layer of two-part epoxy paint, so I would never have to paint the are again. The job took about 6 months to complete. While grinding off the old paint I had to wear total protection and a HEPA mask. Unfortunately, epoxy is VERY hard to smooth out after it has set up, so I had to be very careful about leaving ridges in the resin when I smeared on the fiberglass. The paint was also a problem because it would set-up and thicken in the pot, so it was difficult to brush on smoothly. If anyone takes one this job, they should try doing it in some smaller areas, such as the head-hanging locker or chain locker, before attempting all the nooks and corners in the main cabin. I purchased all my epoxies at the local FG store. It was not name brand epoxy, but it worked fine.