Skip Baker, White Cap, #3

"A company called Rostand in Rhode Island has the original casts to make the opening ports used in the forepeak, head and 'closet' area. In addition, these ports will replace the fixed ports that are in the forward ceiling of the main cabin. Carrroll S. Harrington, sent me a catalog that lists our ports as the #10 Oval Port light.

Mr. Harrington says he prefers to work in bronze (chromed available) and the price list he inserted lists them at $258.16. He states that plain foundry finish would reduce the price, and that items such as chroming, screens etc. would add to the price. For further information contact: Carroll S Harrington, Rostand RI., Box737, DeptWB, Chepachet, RI., 02814. or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it."

Michael Lehmkuhl, Renegade # 3, ATHENE

"You mentioned Carroll Harrington in your newsletter. I believe his name is Carl Harrington. His address is 335 Long Entry Road, Chapachet, RI 02814, (401) 949-4268 or (800) 635-0063. I had a problem with one of the "ears" breaking off for one of the opening ports, so he had a new part cast from aluminum. I had it annodized.

I did a restoration of the Altair from July, 1995 to July, 1997 (late fall, winter, and early spring excluded). Cannon and Brown, Surface Coating Division, 26 Plymouth Street, Providence, RI. (401) 467-2992 or (401) 941-6880. They do business under two names, so you may get another name when you call. I had all of the chromed bronze rechromed (including my remaining South Coast winch handle) ($350.00) and all of the aluminum not associated with the mast and boom reannodized ($400.00). This included all of the aluminum ports. The items rechromed included the head where the winch handle goes through for the gear shift and the winches. This was the price I paid when I picked up the items on May 8, 1997.