High Density Polyethylene

Jim Lydon, Swahili, #?

This past weekend I had a chance to understand how helpfull the Triton Website really is. Recently I had posted several messages on my complete deck refit and was now in the process of attaching new deck hardware starting with the stanchions. I had asked for information on backing material. One of the members was nice enough to forward a in-depth reply to my E-Mail address which saved me time and money with this project. I erased his address, by mistake but did reply directly to him and thanked him. He suggested "Think Plastic" and I did.

I had priced out pieces of bronze plate as a backing material for support of some old Bronze stanchions that I obtained, and frankly I found the price to be very high. I was looking for alternate suggestions when the plastic idea came up. I went to the local yellow pages and found a company that deals with industrial plastics, spoke to a person who suggested High Density Polyethylene. In short I purchased 12 pieces 3/4" thick and about 7" in length. With a total cost of around $20.00 cutting included. I returned home and started the project.

I could not believe how easily this product can be cut drilled and provide so much strength. Initially I was going to use the Polyethylene for backing only, but when I realized how easy it was to work with I decided to make raised stanchion bases also. Within minutes I had all the bases cut in a half circle, the holes drilled and the backing plates drilled slightly oversized. You can use standard drill bits and a standard jigsaw. This stuff is really that easy to work with! Sound impressed? I am. There are probably many uses this material could be used for in the boat industry. By the way its the same material that used for cutting boards in kitchens. Thanks again Triton site. The company I purchased from appears to be in the N.E. area only. But I am sure there are West coast companys also.

MODERN PLASTICS, www.modernplastics.com, Bridgeport Ct., Warwick RI, Peabody Ma.