Bulkhead/Cockpit Beam and Deck Tabbing

Don Tyson, #20, Number Twenty

When I did #20's bridgedeck the inner lining was bad and the cockpit had already began to cave in due to the failure of the bulkhead. I removed all the cooler junk and the ground out the bridgedeck balsa from the inside of the boat. I then estimated the curvature of the BD and installed a new bulkhead (two laminated layers of 1/2" fir ply). After the bulkhead was dry I cut a piece of 3/4" ply to match the underside of the entire BD. this took some time to get right but once it was correct I pressed and epoxied it against the underside of the BD with braces like you did in the salon. Once this was dry I installed beams at the foreward and aft ends of the BD. Its very stong.