Richard Loerky

I pried the old winch base apart and off because the two bronze bolts that held the base to deck wouldn't budge. I had made the old pad from 4 layers of wood because I happened to have the material available. If you look closely you will see that the new base is made from two thicker pieces.

If your pads are still usable, but the wood screws just won't hold the winch properly, try the following. Get some ss 1/4" threaded rod and an extra long 1/4" drill bit that will go through pad & deck. Attach a nut to upper end to act as the head (you may have to grind the "head" down so winch will clear. It works. I've done it.) Use large fender washers under the deck & tighten. No need for those two separate, heavy duty bolts that only hold the pad down. These four threaded rod bolts will hold winch to pad, pad to deck. That's how I plan to install the new ones.