Bill Bell, #41, Kialoa

I may be all wet, but my understanding is that electronic ignition really pays off at high rpms. My A4 spends most of its life well under 2000. Why not keep it simple, maintain the basic system as is and save your money. I had one for a while, found that it really made little difference and that I did have a problem with the thing overheating as there was inadequate heatsink. I think it was designed for automotive use, to be installed in a place where there might be more breeze that what you get in the engine compartment of a Triton. The ads - written by silver-tongued people are appealing and, of course, no one who has bought one will ever admit he threw his money away. I am old enough to be willing to admit that I did throw money away. Save it for your old age or replacement sails or grub for the next cruise.

Al Huband, 26, Esprit

Go to NAPA or any good auto parts store and ask for the Industrial, Marine and Agriculture catalogs. You will find all of the ignition parts.

Mark Parker, #516, All Ways

Electronic ingition certainly has advantages at high RPM- no point bounce and longer saturation time- but it ALSO has great application for our A-4's. No points to adjust. corrode, change, etc. Much denser spark for easier starting. Pretty much immunce to water (salt or otherwise). One less maintenance item. I don't work for them, just a happy customer.