Good Goose's Blade Sail

Brock Richardson, #522, Good Goose

I have three tracks set up on my triton. Genoa track for the 170, Jib track for the working jib and a Track on the Cabin top for the Blade. I really like the blade I can point very high in winds 15 to 20 without reefing the main. The previous owner was heavily into racing, was a triton national champ and raced out of the Newport Yacht Club. You Can see a picture of the boat racing at Newport yacht club.org. Click on the Larry shea memorial race.

Here are the pictures of the jib tracks and Blade. I threw a few of my tabernacle in as well. I had it welded of 5/16 aluminum to my existing mast step. I haven't had the guts to raise or lower my mast with it but it should work.

The dimensions of the jib are as follows luff 27'9", Leech 26'2" with about a 1 foot roach supported by 3 battens. Foot 10'3" with about a 1 foot roach across the foot I don't know what it is for.

This jib points really high. You have to be careful not to stall as the tell tales will keep steaming even though the boat is beginning to stall. Takes some getting used to. Not a great reaching sail. I Usually use it in races where the winds are too high for a spinnaker. Or at least too high for me to set a spinnaker. In these conditions it really isn't needed as a down wind sail. The main usually pushes us at about hull speed.

I use my #1 when out for a day sail it is much more forgiving and a better all around sail. If it's really screaming out I go for the blade and a reefed main. The Blade will sheet flat as a board and the boat stays a little more upright then with the #1.

The tracks for the blade are just about centerd over the little windows of the forward cabin just a little forward of center. The tracks for the #1 start just aft of the bump up for the dog house. about 1" outboard from the cabin. You can see them in one of the pictures lurking in the shadows.