There are many different ways to handle lines on a sail boat without a right or wrong way.  Each approach satisfies the owners specific needs or desires.  Here's how some Triton owners led their lines aft to the cockpit.  If you have a different approach, let the fleet know.



Turning lines at the mast base. 
Harken Air Blocks... 
Running the lines over the cabin. 
Lines secured with clutches. 
Less Line Chaff... 
End of the line. 
Uncluttered Cockpit 
Rob Squires, Head-Over-Heels, #96 
High Tech

Celeste Manolas & Heather Miller, #141 

Running the lines over the cabin. 
Neat & Organized... 
Lines secured with cam cleats. 
Quick Response Time... 

Ray Alsup, Pegasus, #256 
Low Cost

Halyards turned on Mast Step. 
Reefing Lines Turned @ Deck Blocks... 
Leading Lines Over Cabin Top. 
4 Fairleads Attached To Delrin Strip... 
Lines Secured With Existing H/W. 
Halyards & Boom Vang - Camcleats... 
Reefing Lines (Less Used) - Deck Cleats 

Larry Suter, Dogstar, #607 
Pictures Plus Procedures

Main and reefing from Dogstar's cockpit.