Steve Scoll, #532, Anna Bella

Steve Scoll provided the following photo's and cradle dimensions for those who might want to build their own Triton Cradle... Thanks Steve! this is a super winter project.

Overall the cradle is 12' long and 5' wide.

The bottom cross tubes are 2X5" tubing

The keel bed is 6' long by 12" wide

The uprights are 2" OD square steel tubing, the diagonal braces are 2" angle

The vertical tubes at the ends (each corner) are 41" tall

The mid upright tubes are 34" tall

I'm not certain that the cross brace at the bow end is necessary but its a confidence builder.

Hope this helps someone. There's a piece of work someone put into this thing. I shouldn't think stands would be a bad idea unless you're planning on transporting your boat.